The spheres of activity and research

The key objective of the FRI activity is to carry out research into the pressing for the Ministry of Finance issues relating to the Russian financial policy.

Research projects implemented by the FRI are aimed at providing the management and the staff members of the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance with the results of research into financial policy issues pertaining to the competence of the Russian Ministry of Finance. The FRI scientific activity is oriented mainly towards the opportunity to apply its results in practical activity of the staff members of the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance including preparation of regulatory acts drafts and reports for the Russian Federation Government, the State Council and the Expert Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

The research plan of the FRI is developed strictly on the basis of the list of the research spheres aimed at achieving the approved objectives of the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance.


Research activity
Basic research
  • generation of new knowledge in financial science;
  • establishment of the industry-specific school of thought in finance;
  • development of the Institute as a reputable research centre.
Applied research
  • creation of the integrative system of R&D aimed at introducing research results into practice;
  • dissemination of financial science achievements and the best financial practices both in Russia and by means of the international exchange of knowledge.
Exploratory research
  • the conducting of research oriented towards federal, regional and municipal executive authorities;
  • introduction of research results through establishing the effective mechanism of scientific support of the activity of the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance.

The priority spheres of research where the FRI has a competitive edge are as follows:

  • Interbudget relations;
  • Industrial economics;
  • Fiscal policy;
  • Monetary policy;
  • Financial markets.

The key benchmarks of the FRI research activity and everyday consulting are quality, timeliness and urgency of the results of research and analytical work carried out by the Institute.